The broad objectives of the Centre have been fixed as:
1. Initiate student / faculty member exchange programs with foreign institutions
2. Establish MoU with key international universities / research centres
3. Instigate research collaborations with international academicians & practitioners by preparing joint research proposals
4. Encourage faculty members to attend as well as organise international conferences
5. Invite research presentations / seminars from international academics & practitioners
6. Encourage faculty members to publish technical papers in high impact international journals & rated international conferences

Monday, October 22, 2018

Past Events

  1. International Conference on Control, Communication and Computing International Conference on Control, Communication and Computing 
  2. CET School of Management (CET SOM) organized an International conference on Vision 2020: Competing in a world of sectors without borders from March 6-17, 2018
  3. CETSOM conducted an invited talk by Dr. NNS Chandra, IOWA State University in the topic Managing in a spiky world on 1/2/2018
  4. CETSOM conducted an invited talk by Dr. Narayanan Komerath, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta in the topic Arial vehicles for rural empowerment, the swinging journey of Team Touchdown on 2/7/2018
  5. ECE department conducted an invited talk by Prof. Rick S. Blum Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engg., Lehigh University, Bethlahem, Israel in the topic Cyber attack on Internet of Things Systems on 5/7/2018

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